Monitoring of European information systems

European large-scale information systems process (sensitive) personal data of millions of people. In addition, processing of incorrect data can have a major impact. For example, if someone is unjustly refused entry into the Schengen area. Or if someone is wrongly identified as a suspect of a crime. It is therefore important that the use of these systems is properly monitored. This is the responsibility of the European privacy regulators, including the Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP).

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Central and national part

Most information systems consist of:

  • A central European system. The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) oversees the central systems.
  • A national part of the system. National privacy supervisors monitor the exchange of data in their own country and the exchange of data from their home country with parties in other countries. In the Netherlands, this monitoring is the task of the Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP).

Cooperation supervisory authorities

The EDPS and all national data protection authorities work together in the Coordinated Supervision Committee (CSC). That is to ensure that every national authority supervises in the same way. The CSC meets several times a year in Brussels. The CSC has a work programme in which supervisors identify common priorities and concerns.