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Mission, vision and core values

The Dutch DPA stands for the fundamental right to the protection of personal data.

Our mission

Everyone has the right to fair and lawful processing of their personal data. The Dutch Data Protection Authority (the Dutch DPA) supervises processing of personal data in order to ensure compliance with the provisions of the law on personal data protection and advises on new regulations.

Our vision

The fundamental right to personal data protection is essential for the functioning of the rule of law. The Dutch DPA protects this fundamental right by:

  • addressing¬†infringements of the law;
  • advising on new laws and regulations;
  • being aware of societal dilemmas related to privacy;
  • raising awareness with governmental organisations, businesses and civil society on their respective responsibilities regarding data protection;
  • providing information to enable people to exercise their rights;
  • making the results of its supervisory and enforcement actions public;
  • seeking national and international cooperation in order to better protect personal data.

Our core values

The Dutch DPA acts with complete independence in exercising the functions entrusted to it. This means that the Dutch DPA determines its own priorities within the framework set out by the law. It chooses these priorities based, amongst others, on criteria such as the seriousness and magnitude of infringements of the law and the amount of individuals affected. Internally, the Dutch DPA stimulates the use of the independence and knowledge of its employees.

Expertise is highly valued by the Dutch DPA. It is committed to deliver high quality work. To this end, the Dutch DPA works in multidisciplinary teams and invests in the continuous development of its employees, by enhancing their knowledge and skills.

The Dutch DPA is transparent about its results and choices, it creates support for its work and welcomes dialogue. The Dutch DPA is open, honest and visible. Internally, we promote a positive and open atmosphere.

The Dutch DPA works for the protection of a fundamental right. This is its pride. The Dutch DPA is engaged with its work and its people and stands with both feet in society.